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The HIWA 100 Rheometer is used for measuring the curing characteristics of rubber vs. time at constant temperature . In Hiwa 100 Rheometer , rubber paste is placed inside cavity under constant temperature and mechanical deformation is continously applied to it by an oscillating rotor . The oscillation of rotor can be adjusted mechanically at angles 1, 3, 5 . Before test execution , cavity and rotor is heated up to predefined temperature . After placing of specimen , two die semi cavities are closed by a pnumatic cylinder. Rubber starts to cure and rotor starts to oscillate . The necessary torque for oscillating motion is increased gradually by curing of rubber paste . The magnitude of torque is measured by electronic system and simultaneously the torque - time curve is monitored by computer. After ending of test the two semicavities are opened by pnumatic cylinder and the cured specimen can be drawn out easily . The machine is fully controlled by a software via a computer attached to the machine . The software is so designed that training can be done in very short time and It is userfriendly. 



Specification : 
(Download Oscillating Disk Rheometer Specification)
Standard : ISO 3417, ASTM D2084 
Type : ODR (Oscillating Disk Rheometer) 
Rotor Oscillation angle : 1, 3, 5 
Dim. Of cavity : dia.=40mm, Height= 8 mm 
Temp. range : Ambient to 200C 
Torque range : 0 - 200 lb -in 
Compressed air required 4-6 bar 
Operating Voltage 220 volt ,50-60 Hz 
Control Device : Fully contolled by computer 
Temperature display : Through computer & digitally 
Temperature Controller : Fuzzy PID , 0.1C 
Heating device : Electrical heaters for upper die & lower die 
Pressure Display : Analog Pressure gauge 
Heating Chamber for preventing the heat loss
(over dies & cylinder) 
Computer CPU pentium IV or higher ,
17inch. LG monitor, 
Printer HP Laserjet 1018 
Software OS Windows 98SE , 2000 , XP , 7
Data Acquisition ,Monitoring : Simultaneously 
Software Results : Standard output (Updating by order)


 The difference is measurable


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