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The HIWA 700 Abrasion testing machine conforms with DIN53516 and is used to evaluate the resistance of elastomers to frictional wearing. Abrasion tests to this testing standard are performed on samples of materials which undergo wear and abrasion during their normal working life (e.g. tyres , conveyor and drive belts , shoe soles) . 
In this test, standard sample is weared on a drum equipped with an abrasive paper sheet in the selected path with a specific length . The sample loading force is set by placing loading weights onto the sample holding assembly . If the sample should also be additionally rotated about its main axis during test , a toothed rack can be fitted to the equipment . 

Specification : (Download Abrasion Specification

Standards : DIN 53516 
Sample diameter : 16 mm 
Sample height : 6-16 mm 
Sample holder adjustment : 15.5 - 16.3 mm 
Sample holder gripping height : <= 16 mm 
Sample loading force : 2.5/5/7.5/10 N 
Sample holder , lateral movement : 4 mm/(drum revolution) 

Sample holder rotation : 0 or 0.9 rpm 
Abrasion path : 20 or 40 m 
Abrasion speed : 19.2 m/min 
Drum diameter : 150 mm 
Drum length : 460 mm 
Drum rotation : 40 rpm


 The difference is measurable


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