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The HIWA 400 Mooney Viscometer tests uncured elastomers at a constant temperature and measures their scorching properties over time . The specimen is placed in the test chamber at a given temperature where it is mechanically deformed by a rotor turning at a constant speed of 2 rpm . The testing machine is fully controlled by a computer attached to the machine . All standard results of test are calculated and recorded automatically by a powerful software in the computer of testing machine and can be printed out by a printer attached to the computer . The software of testing machine is user friendly and easy to use . 

Specification : (Download Mooney Viscometer Specification)
Standards : ISO 289 , DIN 53523 
Die cavity : 
Height = 10.6 mm 
Diameter = 50.9 mm 
Rotor : 
Diameter = (a) 30.5 mm , (b) 38.1 mm 
Rotating speed : 2 rpm 
Temperature range : Ambient to 200 C 
Measuring range : max. 200 Mooney units 
Temperature display : digital display and graphics 
Temperature Controller Fuzzy PID , 0.1C 
Compressed air rating : 5-10 bar 
Operating Voltage 220 volt ,50-60 Hz 
Control Device : Fully contolled by computer 
Temperature display : through computer & digitally 
Heating device :Electrical heaters  
Pressure Display : Analog Pressure gauge 
Heating Chamber for preventing the heat loss
(over dies & cylinder) 
Computer : Pentium IV or higher 
monitor : LG(17 inch)
Printer : HP Laserjet 1018 
Software OS : Windows 98SE, 2000, XP , 7
Data Acquisition ,Monitoring : Simultaneously 
Software Results Standard output 
(Updating by order)


 The difference is measurable


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