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The HIWA 200 Universal testing machine is used for various tests such as Tensile, Compression ,Tear , Adhesion , Bending , Shear and so on . Some of the products and materials which can be tested by means of this machine are: 
- Rubber and other elastic materials . 
- Plastics and thin film of GFK and CFK. 
- Steel wires or thin woven ropes . 
- Thin metal sheets or foils . 
- Textiles . 
- Multi - layer woods . 
- Springs . 
- Various packagings. 
- Gloves . 
- and so on. 
The test is run under static constant or increasing load . The general approach is applying an initial load and then test load to the specimen until the specimen breaks .The behaviour of material (Stress - Strain curve) is recorded and monitored by computer and printed out by printer if desired. The testing machine is fully controlled by a software via a computer attached to the machine . The software is so designed that training is possible in very short time and using of software is very simple . Saving of data and re-monitoring is also possible .


Single Column Universal Testing Machine

universal testing above 1 ton

Heating and Cooling Chamber

Specification : 
(Download Universal Testing Machine Specification for details)
Capacity : 250 - 5000 Kgf 
(Table Top Models:2122,2126-2128)
Extensometer : Optional (By order)
Heating and Cooling Chamber From -80 C to +100 C : Optional (By Order-Only for Models 2126-2128)
Drive system : AC Servo Motor with Driver 
Moving system : Ball screw with guides 
Grips : Self-locking (wedge type), or by order 
Computer : Pentium IV
Monitor : LG(17 inch) 
Printer : HP Laserjet 1018 
Software OS : Windows XP , 7
Data Acquisition & Monitoring : Simultaneously 
Software Results : Standard output (Updating by order)









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