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The HIWA 500 Hardness test stand conforms with DIN53505 and is used to determine the Shore A hardness of elastomers . This test stand consists of a mounting device , load application unit and a stand for specimen. The Shore hardness testers are attached to the vertically adjustable mount and horizontally aligned using a ball joint such that the contact surface of the tester is parallel to the surface of the material being tested . After placing the specimen on the stand , standard weight can be applied onto the specimen by means of the hand lever and as specified in the standard , the Shore hardness should be read three seconds after the contact surface of the tester touches the specimen . 

Specification : (Download Hardness Stand Specification)

Standards : DIN 53505 
Test area diameter : 98 mm 
Projection : 160 mm 
Specimen thickness ,max. : 75 mm 
loading weight for Shore A : 12.5 N 
loading weight for Shore D : 50 N


 The difference is measurable


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